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Infratherapy In Our Sauna!

The infrared sauna is a therapeutic sauna, with infrared waves that bring many benefits to the body.

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The infrared sauna is a warm sauna. Is contraindicated for those with cardiac problems or for cancer patients
Eliminates toxins

All toxins are eliminated from the body through sweat.

Eliminates stress

The infrared sauna has many health benefits. It eliminates stress and fatigue.

Lose weight

You burn up to 600 – 900 calories in a 30 minute sauna session.


It helps eliminate toxins from fat tissue so it helps eliminate cellulite.

Skin care

The Infrared Sauna deep cleanses the skin, calms acnee.

Improves the immune system

Heat of infrared rays increases the warmth of the body, activating our immune system. The body increases its resistance to disease and strengthens its general health.

Easy Breathing

The infrared sauna is considered to be more pleasant due to its lower temperature than in a traditional sauna and you can breathe without problems.

Out with the toxins

Infratherapy causes more intense sweating than normal saunas, eliminating toxins better.

Less Hot

The temperature is much lower, between 40-60 degrees, than the traditional sauna, where it is 80-100 degrees Celsius.


Monday- CLOSED

Tuesday – Thursday: 10.00 – 21.00

Friday – Sunday – 10.00 – 22.00

Entry fee

1 person – 30 Lei

2 persons – 55 Lei 

Duration of treatment: 50 mins.

Acces by RESERVATIONS only

We look forward to you enjoying the benefits of state-of-the-art technology

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